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 S>Cards and EQs.

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S>Cards and EQs. Empty
PostSubject: S>Cards and EQs.   S>Cards and EQs. Icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2010 3:18 pm

Cards: = (price) each
Tao GUnka x2 = 500 GC
Phree x1 = 10GC
Turtle General G x2 = 10 GC
Evil Snake Lord x1 = 500 GC
Incantation Samurai x11 = 10GC

Sacred Blue Valkyrie x1 = 1,700 GC
Abstract Horns x1 = 800 GC

So yeah, leave a post if u want em. Either trade me with Custom items/equips/cards or pay in GC.

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S>Cards and EQs.
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