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 Event Suggestion : " HIDE and NUKE "

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PostSubject: Event Suggestion : " HIDE and NUKE "   Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:12 pm


The point of this event is to hide, GM's will look for people and nuke on sight, last man standing wins ^^
Mmkay, first off, GM's will ping on the signal, give warp portals to the random place , timer set for a minute, then booom ! the event starts Wink
Players will start hiding, GM's will give an allocated time for people to hide, then after the timer is done, GM's Start Seeking And Nuking ! ^~^

[ Should Close Access to the chosen map thru @warp for no cheating while the event partakes ]

Location :
Up to the GM's [ Should Be Random Maps For Fun ]
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PostSubject: Re: Event Suggestion : " HIDE and NUKE "   Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:42 pm

HIDE, SEEK, AND NUKE. *revised version of acehaseo098's "HIDE AND NUKE"*

Let me explain briefly on how this event goes.
Total amount of players participating will be divided into two teams. Divided players will then required to form 2 parties which consists of the HIDING TEAM and the SEEKING TEAM. HIDING TEAM will be hiding in few chosen towns and the SEEKING TEAM. will then need to seek the HIDING TEAM members. The SEEKING TEAM. will then PM the locations of the of each HIDING TEAM members to be nuked. For every member that the SEEKING TEAM. members locates and nukes, will contribute 1point per nuke to the team. HIDING TEAM members MUST stay on the same position where the members of SEEKING TEAM. have located. Once time out, the HIDING TEAM will be SEEKING and the SEEKING TEAM. will be HIDING. GM's will then ping on the signal giving warps to few chosen maps for the hide and seek event.

1. HIDING TEAM members MUST remain on the same position where the members of the SEEKING TEAM. have located.
2. No USAGE of hiding/cloaking skills are allowed. 1 point penalty will be rewarded to opposing team if caught.
3. Each team will be given 2 minutes to hide and 5 minutes to seek.
4. The will be 3 rounds of HIDE, SEEK, AND NUKE in this event.
5. At the end of the rounds, the team which accumulates the highest points wins.
6. Every member in a team MUST BE on the move, any stagnant players or afk-ers will be given a penalty. *this is to avoid players taking advantage using dual clients*

- Will be random towns that GM has chosen.

- Any HIDING TEAM members who attempts to switch hiding locations once located will be disqualified. 1 point penalty will be rewarded to opposing team.

God items or Tao Gunka Card for every member of the winning team.

This event will be held once every week. Please be updated on event dates via forums.

Thank You and Have fun! Laughing Very Happy

Yours Truly,
S i g n i f i c a n c e

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Event Suggestion : " HIDE and NUKE "
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