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 GM as an event assist & Other FAQs

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GM as an event assist & Other FAQs Empty
PostSubject: GM as an event assist & Other FAQs   GM as an event assist & Other FAQs Icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 6:46 pm

What is a server without any fun events Smile

However, GM's are fairly limited to their time to think about them!!

If you have any idea and wanted to host an event

We Will:
Broadcast & Assist the play in organizing the event (Ex. with commands @disguise for hide and seek and others)

We Will NOT:

Come up with an idea & what prize should be. The GM will only assist you to your idea. The prize will be come out of your items. Gm will not create item for you

If you think you have a great idea on what event should be!! Post one here and explain the rules and other faqs, and or in game just type @request and ask
a gm to assist you with your Event Smile

In Game GM : GM Monkey, Novice, GM Chipmonk, and Significance
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GM as an event assist & Other FAQs
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