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 Enabling of Endless tower

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PostSubject: Enabling of Endless tower   Enabling of Endless tower Icon_minitimeTue Mar 16, 2010 7:47 pm


The Alberta sailors used to talk about an unexplored seaway covered by a fog so thick, no fleet could navigate through it. Many people were curious about what was beyond the fog, and there were many theories and guesses, but nothing came from the ocean beyond the fog, and those that braved that foggy seaway never returned.

Once Satan Morroc resurrected, that thick ocean fog suddenly dissipated. It was rumored that the impact from Satan Morroc's revival caused the fog to disappear, but the sailors were too excited to question the fog's sudden disappearance: now that the fog was no longer an obstacle, they could steer their ships to brave that frontier ocean. In the center of the waters at the end of that seaway, they discovered an island on which an enormous tower was built. There was nothing special about the island itself, but the tower was so tall that it seemed to scrape the very sky.

The explorers wondered about why the tower was built, far from known civilization. When was it constructed, and who built it? The answers were probably inside that tower, but they found that the inside of it was infested by fearsome monsters that were too powerful for them to confront. It was impossible for them to enter the tower without throwing away their lives.

News of the mysterious tower quickly spread throughout the Rune Midgard Continent, and everyone across the land was soon talking about it. The Rune-Midgarts Government decided to start official expedition recruitment, inviting adventurers from all over the kingdom to find the answers behind the mystery of the tower.

The mysterious tower in the middle of the ocean has now been revealed. Are there any adventurers in the world that are strong enough to conquer it?

The greedy demon, Naght Sieger, is troubled because Entweihen Knothen, a middle-ranking demon, seeks the opportunity to kill him and usurp his position amongst the demons.

Entweihen Knothen has set up its base near Asgard, the empyrean, to gather his forces to attack Naght Sieger. To reinforce his army and efficiently command his soldiers, Entweihen Knothen has set up ranks for his soldiers. The Endless Tower used to be a human building, but Entweihen Knothen seized the tower to use it as his army base camp in which his soldiers are camped on different levels according to their rank: the lowest ranking demons are positioned closer to the bottom of the tower, and the higher ranking demons are positioned near the top. Entweihen Knothen resides at the top level where he can command his subordinates and oversee the tower.

After learning about Entweihen Knothen's ambition, the enraged Naght Sieger used all of his power, and even entrusted drew upon that of his subordinates, to seal Knothen's tower with a thick fog that surrounded the island.

Although the tower was sealed from the outside, Naght Sieger knows that he can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of the soldiers in Entweihen Knothen's forces. All he can do is set up his base near the tower and observe.

The Endless Tower is an increasingly difficult set of challenges, as the players make their way up the tower. The Endless Tower is not actually endless, but consists of a total of 100 rooms, each usually having its own unique theme (for example, the 48th room that has all "Ancient" monsters or the 3rd room that is an "all-skeletons" room), that players must battle their way through, with a special boss encounter against Entweihen Knothen on the 100th floor, and Naght Sieger afterwards. These battles function similar to the Izlude arena, with players being required to defeat all monsters in a room before the door to the next room can open.

Throughout the tower players will be pitted against hordes of regular monsters, as well as various boss monsters. All these monsters have normal experience and drops though, so your travels should be rewarding as well as challenging. Be warned though, as you can still lose experience by dying.

After clearing floors 25, 50, and 75, you are given the item "Dark Ash". In future trips to the tower, you can use the dark ash to teleport yourself to a higher floor. On floor one there is an object called the "Eternal Torch", and by using one dark ash, you can warp yourself to floor 26, with two ash you can warp to floor 51, and with three you can warp to floor 76. You can use these to return to higher floors should you be unable to clear the dungeon on a particular attempt.

The Endless Tower is a 'Memorial Dungeon', an instanced dungeon that is created uniquely for your party. Like the other memorial dungeons, there is a delay before you are able to enter the dungeon again should you complete, or fail the challenges layed out. A memorial dungeon instance cannot be created during the 6 hours preceeding War of Emperium, until War of Emperium is over.

The Endless Tower instance lasts until the party either gives up or runs out of time. The time limit for the dungeon is 4 hours, after which time all players will be teleported out of the dungeon. Players can leave the dungeon, and re-enter it as they wish during the 4 hour window (monster's will never respawn during a given instance). However, if the entire party is outside of the dungeon for 5 minutes, you will be marked as "giving up", and the instance will be closed.

There is a cool down time of one week on the Endless Tower, during which time you will be unable to enter or create a new instance. The cooldown time is marked from the moment you create the instance. A quest window entry will show you the time and date that you can enter back into the Endless Tower.

The following skills are disabled inside the tower:

* Teleport
* Ice Wall
* Snatch
* Fiberlock

There are no item use limitations, although items that cast one of the restricted skills will fail (such as Fly Wing). Usage of the Kafra Shop item Token of Sigfried is still possible within the dungeon.
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PostSubject: Re: Enabling of Endless tower   Enabling of Endless tower Icon_minitimeFri Mar 19, 2010 1:40 pm

We will be looking in adding this up soon..

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Enabling of Endless tower
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